This Is the Story of How I Saved the World

This is the Story of How I Saved the World

Wanderer above the Sea of Fog by Caspar David Friedrich

This is the story of how I saved the world.

I’m going to create a journal where I will talk about solving the world’s greatest challenges. The style will be radical honesty. I will tell the truth and nothing but the truth: exactly what I’m thinking. If I’m boring, the story will be boring. If I’m a sexual beast, the story will become my decadent plaything. If I’m a douche, this will be my bag.

I’m very nervous by the way. I’m a first time author, so I naturally asked critics around me what they thought of the previous paragraph. So far so good. Both my brother and Pau liked it. I will ask more people in a moment. You see my friend, I chose a strategic occasion to start this journey.

Today I’m taking part in a cool initiative: NANOWRIMO. It sounds like a sci-fi monster, but it’s the opposite. At least I hope so. I just heard about it yesterday and I have tried to learn the dark meaning behind it, but I keep forgetting it. Maybe it’s too dark. Maybe my memory sucks. Either way, it’s a writing contest. Write a novel in a month, 50,000 words in 30 days.

Of course I’m going to lose. While my talented peers aim for volume, I focus on quality. (Don’t laugh. This is quality!) But that’s besides the point. What’s important here is, for every batshit insane endeavor, you need a batshit insane community. And if I look forward to…

  • Ending human death and aging
  • Achieving world peace
  • Abolishing poverty
  • Creating my own country
  • Offering awesome education that’s actually useful
  • Securing the survival of the human species, at least for this century

…then I will need one kick-ass team. This journal will also help me find them. It will be my flare in this wild Amazonian Internet, my way of shouting like a mad man: “I’M HERE!”. All in style, naturally.

I will find out what are the most pressing problems for securing our survival. Then I will solve them. I will try different approaches to do so, see what works, document my findings, help others, and have good fun.

I do this for some reasons. First, I’m bored. Second, it’s important. According to Dr. Nick Bostrom of the University of Oxford, aging-related diseases are the number one cause of death, with a toll of a hundred thousand people DAILY. Moreover, he also stays there’s a probability of at least 20% that the human species will not survive this century. Finally, it would be delightful to meet people passionate about these subjects, who are taking action, who are making a difference.

But I also have a more personal reason. I want to show what’s possible. If a poor, lonely, not-so-bright individual can save the world, imagine what others can achieve. I want to inspire people, for I’m tired of the submissive, the liar, the coward. Besides being ugly, those people are everywhere in Mexico City.

Marco: Corruption; kidnappings; murders. We need to stop them now. We can do it. We can innovate and legalize drugs. Learn from other countries. First, we…

Horrible teacher I had in college: Life leads to death. Nothing matters. You can’t do anything about it. Now read Kafka, write a paper, and give me my check.

Mom: We can’t do anything about it. Now get a college degree, a job, and some babies. In that order.

López Dóriga (News anchor and local idol): It’s the government’s fault. It’s their responsibility to take care of everything. They should invest more in the police. And in education. And in social security. And in culture. And in segways; those look cool. BUT DON’T YOU DARE RAISE TAXES.

I will get out of here.
Save the world.
Have fun.

And so it begins.


I appreciate the feeback by Odinson, Pau, and Honey Vonnie. Without your positive comments, I would have taken much longer to publish this text.

Un comentario en “This Is the Story of How I Saved the World

  1. Marco! Astinishing. I am deeply impressed. I love your style, the content, the vigor and the power of your message. Please keep on writing.
    Lots of greetings, mila


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