Day 1 – Still Alive (Mostly)

Marco Díaz Calleja - I Survived

Me at dawn. You can tell by the undead look.

Mission complete.

Goal: Being awake at dawn (7:18 am in Mexico City).

Status: Complete.

Casualties: 0.


I wonder if I should stick to the daily goal. If I do too much, my energy will be depleted and I will fail at other aspects. I theorize this because of the following. I was able to be awake at dawn, but next I went overboard. I walked from 8:26 am until 9:00 am, a bit more than 30 minutes. I also avoided Internet and video games distractions like the plague. So, of course, I had to pass out.

After working for a while, I took a “break”; I fell asleep for at least 4 hours, more or less from 1 pm to 5 pm. It was unintended, but still terrible for my productivity.

Tomorrow will be better.

2 comentarios en “Day 1 – Still Alive (Mostly)

  1. The problem might be that you were not doing anything by the sound of it… I used to wake up at 6am and have a 2 hr ballroom practice 5 days a week and then I would be fully awake the rest of the day. Maybe if you add something a bit more active than walking it would help. The thing is that you are still relaxed, raising your heartbeat might help there….

    • Hey Pau, you’re right. I need to do something more active than facing Windows Update, as intimidating as that can be.

      I’m actually considering going back to dancing. There’s also this interesting game I stumbled upon. I know myself; I have to do something exciting, not merely active for being active. Otherwise it won’t stick.

      Finally, I will pace myself. Doing too many new things at once is a sure path towards doing nothing.


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