Day 3 of 30 – Five Minutes of Dragon Slaying

My padawan practicing dragon slaying.

My padawan practicing dragon slaying. (Photo: Sebastian Mary).

Mission complete.

Goal: Walking 5 minutes during dawn.

Status: Complete.

Casualties: 0.


Another day, another slayed dragon. Today I conquered the challenge of walking full 5 minutes during dawn.

Yes, I know, oh my. In the past I would have immediately discarded this as rubbish. 5 minutes! But then I saw the bigger picture.

I have woken up at dawn for three straight days. And it hasn’t been that hard. Success accumulates on itself. Napoleon saved the French Revolution one battle at a time. If that worked for him, it might as well for me.

Finally, I agree with Pau and Albert. More activities during the day will lead to an easier sleep, so I’m going back to dancing. In the meantime I’ve braved the Mexico City commute for two consecutive days, and besides my life occasionally flashing before my eyes, it’s been surprisingly rewarding. Yesterday I collapsed asleep at about 10 pm, and today at la Condesa I met a cool guy also interested in saving the world.

The gang grows.


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