Day 10 of 30 – Today I Faced the Old Testament (and Lost)

Never trust a delicious enemy

Never trust a delicious enemy. (Photo: Shahram Sharif).

Mission failed.

Goal: No video games past 9 pm.

Status: Goal completed, but rules not complied.

Casualties: 0.


Today I lived the old testament. As usual I was suceeding in gaining the habit of waking up at dawn. My productivity was overall improving. And suddently there it was: temptation.

Literally, it was Apple. I visited Daring Fireball, an Apple news website that I blacklisted. I wanted to know if there was already an official date for their fall keynote. But I did so during working hours, damn it. I could have waited until 7 pm since it’s my break. Instead I gave in to the impulse. Plus, I procrastinated in various ways during the day and I think I fell asleep for a moment. I need a strategy for this.

So far I have trusted my will power. No more. I will simply give myself no opportunity to fall into temptation. I remember reading not long ago that an author focused on writing by simply disconnecting from the Internet. The impulse to read the latest Oatmeal comic was still there, but he simply couldn’t access it. He did not depend on his will power (which was not entirely trustable); he created a solution independent from it. I will reflect on how to apply this.


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