Day 11 of 30 – Only Battles, Never the War

Marco Díaz Calleja - Only battles, never the war

Waterloo will wipe out the memory of my forty victories; but that which nothing can wipe out is my Civil Code. That will live forever. -Attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte. (Photo: dynamosquito).

Mission complete.

Goal: Going to bed at 10 pm.

Status: Complete.

Casualties: 0.

Challenge: Gaining the habit of waking up at dawn.


I woke up early. I didn’t engage in the forbidden distractions. There was Facebook, but I legitimately used it to organize social calls. I had ups and downs in my productivity, but for reasons not related to this challenge.

But it’s worth reflecting. Now that my crazy schedule is practically solved, I realize I have other problems to attend. For every time a theater of war closes, a new one dawns. Probably not today, probably not tomorrow, yet someday. Neither victory or defeat is ever final. And who would enjoy a life without conflict? That would be boring.


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