Day 16 of 30 – The Balance Between Fun and Yet More Fun


The trick is always in the adorable. (Photo: Bruce).

Mission complete.

Goal: Walking 30 minutes at a park.

Status: Complete.

Casualties: 0.

Challenge: Gaining the habit of waking up at dawn.

Fuck yeah. I finally achieved the balance between fun and yet more fun.

As I stated in the previous posts, I had faced difficulties for the challenge. I had been going out, ended up exhausted, and so failed to wake up at dawn. I focused on the problem areas:
-Falling asleep because of exhaustion.
-Social media distractions.

I have developed the following solutions:
-Allowing one nap a day if I go out.
-If I use social media to organize social calls I will time and report my usage.

I will be careful with the naps because I know myself. I could be opening the flood gates with that one. On the other hand and as I saw in management, measuring by itself can improve behavior, so I will apply that to social media.

Next, I am creating new daily objectives. I will update the challenge page with them.

MUSE, thanks for inspiring my return to the true path. I have lived up to the sacred teachings.


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