Thor and the Path of Zen


My kind of Zen. (Photo: xploitme).

What’s the point of saving the world without excitement? I’m bored of the challenge’s updates, even if they’re useful. Let’s spice things a bit. I’m going to write a lot in order to tackle humanity’s greatest challenges. Thus, I should practice. Here’s something I came up with not so long ago.

Thor and the Path of Zen

The path of the Zen master is hard but rewarding. Nothing illustrates this as perseverance. Skill among skills, acquiring it grants us flight, lacking it, keeps us down.

Now it’s your turn. Today you shall begin your path to illumination with the skill of the illuminated. Test your strength and perseverance will be yours.

Visit all the cantinas in Mexico City. Take a shot of tequila in every one. After each drink yell:


Do it quickly and do it well. Shall you finish your task by dawn, still standing and with a smile on your face, such will be your awakening. A Zen master you will be. Or drunk, that’s what you’ll believe.


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