Day 21 of 30 – Si vas a pecar, que valga la pena

I would do anything for an amazing story. Especially living it.


Mission failed.

Goal: Walking 45 minutes during dawn at a park.

Status: Mission failed.

Casualties: 0.

Challenge: Gaining the habit of waking up at dawn.


If you’re going to sin, make it worth your while. Last night I broke nearly all my vows. Fortunately I’m no lousy priest, but a world savior.

Last night I acted in the name of amazing stories.

Because I love them. For me they’re ends in themselves, but they can also help us to solve humanity’s greatest problems. I will elaborate on the topic in the future. Regarding this habit, last night I had to sleep late, wake up past dawn, use electronics past curfew, and not even walk at the park. What a brute. But it was for a truly amazing experience.

Still, I won’t do this often. I am commited to the challenge and enjoying the progress. Sometimes I’m fortunate I live so far away from MUSE. Virtue comes easy when there’s no temptation.


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