Day 27 of 30 – Sly Singing

Bellas Artes, my uncle's favorite Lego set.

Bellas Artes, my uncle’s favorite Lego set. (Photo: ismael villafranco).

Mission complete.

Goal: Walking at a park for 55 minutes.

Status: Complete.

Casualties: 0.

ChallengeGaining the habit of waking up at dawn.


I managed to wake up at dawn on a Saturday, even though I went out last night. Since I slept few hours, I felt terribly tired. Fortunately singing the Soviet National Anthem and taking a nap energized me.

It’s curious to me that the Soviet song has that effect on me, while its Mexican counterpart still makes me feel uneasy. Oh well, if culture doesn’t nurture and conflict you at the same time, you’re not truly enjoying it.


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